Publish What You Pay – Canada
Envision a world where all people benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.

Increasing Civic Participation

Increasing Civic Participation and Supporting Indigenous Peoples

Promoting, Supporting and Defending the Rights of People

PWYP Canada promotes, supports and defends the rights of people, particularly the most underrepresented, as they work to put mandatory disclosure data to work and extend transparency. Through our coalition members, we forge links with movements for Indigenous peoples’ rights, gender justice and climate justice. We promote inclusive and feminist approaches to transparency and natural resource governance, and apply them in our own ways of working. When PWYP members, or other civil society allies, are threatened or harmed, we raise our voices and support them in defending their rights and demanding justice.

This area of work is new—stay tuned for updates as we build this out, or reach out and help us make this happen.