Publish What You Pay – Canada
Envision a world where all people benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.




A world where all people and communities benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.


Build a Canadian coalition of civil society organizations making oil, gas and mineral governance open, accountable, sustainable, equitable and responsive to all people.

Theory of Change

People of all genders have the right to participate fully and equally in the governance of their natural resources. PWYP-Canada works to ensure that everyone has the information they need, are supported to use it, and can exercise their rights, so that natural resources are managed sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations.


Greater transparency

can help provide people with the valuable information they need to hold their governments to account for how their natural resource wealth is managed, and ensure that it is used sustainably and equitably.

In Canada

Canada plays a particularly important role in this issue, not only being a resource-rich country itself but also as one of the biggest extractive players in the world. The country is home to a third of the world's oil companies and roughly 60% of the world’s mining companies, and it has interests in over 100 countries. In short, Canadian extractive companies affect the lives of millions. In 2008, PWYP-Canada, a coalition of Canadian civil society organizations, was launched in order to fight for greater transparency in the extractive sector. In 2014, PWYP-Canada’s campaign for mandatory disclosure, a campaign carried out in collaboration with partner organizations and the Canadian mining industry, was successful as the Government of Canada passed the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act. PWYP-Canada continues to push for further information that people need to hold companies and governments to account, while supporting PWYP members and partners to put existing disclosure to work.


  • Put transparency to work and strengthen our movement: Build the capacity of PWYP-Canada coalition members, partners and the global PWYP coalition to access information on Canadian companies and to use it in their advocacy, research and outreach efforts. Now that oil, gas and mining companies in Canada must disclose their payments to governments in their global operations on a disaggregated and project-by-project level, this transparency can help hold companies and governments to account.

  • Extend transparency: Identify and campaign for further information that needs to be in the public domain for people to use, including disclosure of beneficial owners and government extractive revenues.

  • Increasing civic participation and supporting Indigenous peoples’ rights in natural resource governance: Promote, support and defend the rights of people, particularly the most underrepresented, to be involved in the decisions that affect them.

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