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Envision a world where all people benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.


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PWYP Canada encourages all Canadian organizations supportive of enhanced transparency and accountability in the extractive sector to join the coalition.

Why join PWYP Canada?

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Canada is a Canadian coalition of civil society organizations working to make oil, gas and mineral governance open, accountable, sustainable, equitable and responsive to all people women and men in resource rich communities. As a member of the PWYP Canada Coalition, you will expand your networks and contribute to the PWYP mission and goals outlined in the PWYP Global Strategy and PWYP Canada Strategic Action Plan. Working with partners, both in Canada and globally, you will use extractive sector-related disclosure on Canadian companies so that transparency of existing information leads to increased accountability. Where transparency does not exist, members of the PWYP Canada coalition will work to open up information that is still not transparent, and that continues to limit accountability.

PWYP Canada and its members are part of the only global movement working to ensure that revenues from oil, gas and mining help improve people’s lives. Publish What You Pay has extensive global reach with over 700 member organizations and 45 national coalitions. As a global movement, we are all united in our vision of a world where everyone benefits from their natural resources—today and tomorrow.

Benefits of Membership

  • Collaborate with existing members to use extractive sector-related disclosures, particularly in Canada, so that transparency leads to increased accountability.

  • Promote greater transparency in the Canadian extractive industries.

  • Become part of a network of over 700 organizations worldwide with a strong reputation and working on various issues related to extractive sector governance and development, including environmental protection, gender, human rights advocacy, workers safety, fair taxation, and corporate social responsibility.

  • Engage in thought provoking discussions on how natural resources should be managed in order to benefit people and communities in a fair and sustainable manner.

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to an open and accountable extractive sector.

  • Collaborate with civil society in resource-rich communities and countries to identify ways to ensure that transparency helps foster greater accountability.


PWYP Canada members

are part of the only global movement working to ensure that revenues from oil, gas and mining help improve people’s lives. Join today to advance our vision of a world where everyone benefits from their natural resources.

Who can join?

Membership is open to registered Canadian civil society organizations or community-based organizations.

What does membership require?

Being a member of the PWYP Canada requires support for an open and accountable extractive sector. Members do so by completing a sign-on form and agreeing to the PWYP Global Strategy and PWYP Governance Manual, notably the PWYP Operating Principles, PWYP Membership Standards, and PWYP Expectations of Member Organizations. Members of PWYP Canada are also members of the global PWYP coalition.

Contributing to the coalition

Members of PWYP Canada vary in their size and focus, and all contribute to the coalition in ways that best suit their organization. Contributions can include financial and/or in-kind but there is no minimum contribution to become a member of PWYP Canada. PWYP Canada participants can support the coalition in the following ways:

  • Participating in conference calls (usually held once every few months);

  • Distributing PWYP Canada publications, including policy briefs, reports or newsletters;

  • Attending PWYP Canada events;

  • Assisting with outreach activities such as meetings with Federal or provincial or territorial governments, civil society members, and key partners;

  • Providing financial contributions to advance the strategic plan of the Coalition;

  • Identifying collaboration and funding opportunities for the PWYP Canada Coalition to advance its transparency and accountability objectives in the extractives sector; and/or

  • Reviewing press releases, publications and other communications material.

Members are encouraged to discuss how they intend to contribute with the PWYP Canada Director.

As a member of PWYP Canada, members:

  • Contribute and shape the PWYP Canada Strategic Action Plan, and related strategic documents;

  • Participate in planning related to implementation of the strategic plan;

  • Support the implementation of the strategic plan through advice, technical support, in kind or monetary resources, networking, and advocacy;

  • Advise and shape public comments, petitions, and submissions related to advancing PWYP Canada’s advocacy objectives including drafting submissions, reviewing content, and joining calls to discuss key positions; and

  • Review and advise on documents and publications where subject matter expertise exists, to ensure strength and accuracy of Coalition materials.

Membership Sign-Up Form

Please read the PWYP Global Strategy 2020-2025 (English | French) and PWYP Governance Manual (English | French), notably the PWYP Operating Principles, PWYP Membership Standards, and PWYP Expectations of Member Organizations. Complete and submit this form affirming your organization’s commitment objectives and standards. Organizations also agree to be listed on the PWYP website and in other materials.

Contact Person Name *
Contact Person Name
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Mailing Address
Mailing Address
I have read and agree with the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Global Strategy, and PWYP Governance Manuel, notably the PWYP Operating Principles, PWYP Expectations of Member Organizations, and following PWYP Membership Standards:
PWYP members will: *
In addition, PWYP member organizations: *
I acknowledge that if my organization does not uphold the principles and commitments outlined, we may be asked to leave the Coalition.

Once submitted, PWYP Canada will be in touch to confirm receipt. The PWYP Canada Director will review the submission and will follow-up with any relevant questions or for additional clarification. Data will be stored in line with our privacy policy. We look forward to working together!

You can download this form as a Word doc in English or French if you prefer to submit your application by mail or email.