Finding the Data

As well as campaigning for Canadian extractive companies to publish their payments, PWYP-Canada supports civil society world-wide in accessing that data and developing different ways to use it.


PWYP-Canada has regularly hosted trainings, most recently in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada itself, but also in Cameroon, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, to support civil society and other stakeholders, including journalists and government officials, in how to use and access extractive information. In these sessions, PWYP-Canada has raised awareness about why it is useful for civil society in resource-rich countries to gain access to extractive payments, as well as trained participants in how to use and access this data via SEDAR, Canada’s securities disclosure website. As well as looking at existing data, PWYP-Canada also covers the current mandatory disclosures campaign to prepare members for the impending data that will come out of the EU Transparency & Accounting Directives, Dodd-Frank 1504 and eventually Canadian disclosure itself.

PWYP-Canada has also supported other civil society groups in a bilateral manner helping them access specific information about Canadian extractive companies. For instance they provided information to PWYP Chad about Griffiths, a Canadian company that had been charged for bribing a Chadian ambassador, and helped PWYP Kyrgyzstan identify useful information published by Centerra, a Canadian company operating in the country.

Extractives Abroad Project

In 2012, PWYP-Canada created portfolios on Canadian mining companies with operations in Africa ranging from the exploration to the production level. The portfolios contain some of the most useful information that the companies have disclosed, either through securities disclosure documents or voluntary reporting. They provide readers with a more easily accessible source of information that can enable them to better understanding the Canadian mining companies operating in their countries, while at the same time increasing their awareness of the type of information that can be found in Canadian securities disclosure documents.

To view the portfolios, visit the Canadian Mining in Africa section of the website.

As an accompaniment, PWYP-Canada also developed a manual to provide civil society organizations with a basic understanding of the information that can be found in Canadian security disclosure documents, as well as information on how to access that information. The manual is now available in both French and English and was presented to other PWYP coalitions and members from around the world.

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