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Many Ways to Lose a Billion: How Governments Fail to Secure a Fair Share of Natural Resource Wealth


 Many Ways to Lose a Billion explores the pathways to government revenue loss in the extractive sector,  focusing on both protecting the tax rates, but also safeguarding the tax base.







An Eye on Disclosure: The PWYP-Canada Guide to Accessing Information on Canadian Companies

 2012-03_image-Eye_on_Disclosure-EngAn Eye on Disclosure: The PWYP-Canada Guide to Accessing Information on Canadian Companies is a tool developed for PWYP partners around the world looking to gain access to information on the companies operating in their areas. The guide provides examples of the type of information that can be found in the securities disclosure documents of Canadian mining companies, as well as instructions on how these documents can be accessed. To access the guide in french, click here.







Lifting the Veil: Exploring the Transparency of Canadian Companies

Lifting-the-veil01Publish What You Pay Canada has published a pioneering report on public disclosure regulations in Canada's extractive industries. The report details the strengths and weaknesses of Canadian disclosure rules, providing NGOs, investors and the media with a new and detailed roadmap for holding mining oil and gas companies accountable for their activities and policies.









Policy Briefs

The Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group: Recommendations on Mandatory Disclosure

In partnership with the Mining Association of Canada, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, and the Revenue Watch Institute, PWYP - Canada has produced a draft framework for the disclosure of payments to governments for Canadian oil and mining companies operating domestically and internationally.

Canadian Implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

PWYP-Canada's first position paper discusses Canada's recent involvement in the EITI as a supporting country, and demonstrates why full implementation of the EITI is necessary to ensure greater transparency in the extractive sector, both nationally and internationally.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Meeting Canada's Commitment to Transparency and Good Corporate Citizenship in the Extractive Industries

PWYP-Canada's second Position Paper features a comparison of the disclosure requirements in Canada and the US, following the US adoption of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The paper focuses on two specific requirements set out in the new law, including disclosure of payments to host governments and reporting on measures taken to assure conflict minerals do not enter a company's supply chain.  It concludes that harmonizing Canadian disclosure requirements with those set out in the Dodd Frank Act is necessary in order to ensure investor protection for companies operating on both sides of the border, as well as for Canada to live up to its commitment to transparency and corporate accountability.


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